Company Profile

KazDuCo Services LLP was created at instigation of KazDuco BV in December 2012 for the purpose of establishment of effective service company on the basis of great experience and achievements, gained for years of KazDuco LLP.

    KazDuCo Services LLP is established in terms of engineering support department of KazDuco LLP in order to provide services in the following areas:
  • Engineer support of drilling bits, mud motors and technological processes of well drilling;
  • Rent and service of downhole drilling equipment: jars, roller reamer, stabilizer and other equipment;
  • Selection of bits according to requirements of the Customer, physical and mechanical properties of formations in well log, delivery to the Customer’s place, forecasting the performance of bits;
  • Technical-and-economic analysis of the bits
    Today KazDuCo Services LLP is the service company with the following scope of work:
  • Drill bit services
  • Rent of drilling bit
  • Rent of jars and BHA elements
  • Engineering and technological support of downhole equipment run and installation (wellhead equipment, liner hangers and etc.)
  • Providing services for Drill Stem Test

In the nearest future KazDuCo Services LLP plans to increase range of services and equipment stock, expand representation in major oil producing regions of Kazakhstan.

Staff of the Company is skilled professionals with extensive experience in oil fields.