NoWAX Services

KazDuCo NoWAX is a non-hazardous aqueous solution formulated to remove wax. The result from a typical application is an increase in production and reduction of well downtime and maintenance costs. Paraffin deposition is a thermally driven process.
Cooling of the oil during production for many reasons causes wax to precipitate as the temperature drops below the cloud point with the paraffin deposition usually becoming problematic.
Due to paraffins solidifying and wells blocking, the cost of rectification, use of unfriendly and sometimes dangerous procedures using chemicals and hot water or oil washing to dissolve the wax back down the well, results in a loss of production and revenue.

Many companies have invested heavily in insulating and heating flowlines and pipelines, storage facilities and even transport facilities such as road, rail and sea going tankers to prevent paraffin deposition.

KazDuCo NoWAX is specifically formulated to return precipitated wax and Asphaltenes back into their original phase in the crude oil where they will always remain irrespective of temperature drop!
Thereby removing the problems of further precipitation even at temperatures below the original cloud and pour points!
KazDuCo NoWAX remediates the paraffin waxing process, and returns the wax back to the oil where it remains thru to the refining, irrespective of temperature drops that may occur.
How KazDuCo NoWAX works? When mixed with adequate amount of crude oil and agitated, KazDuCo NoWAX breaks down wax causing it to return to the crude oil solution. Furthermore, another added benefit is a reduction of crude oil viscosity. It improves all aspects of production downstream of the treated well.

  • Removes paraffin wax deposition very quickly and effectively
  • Puts the paraffin's back into the oil and they do not precipitate again (even at temperatures below known pour point)
  • Drops the oil viscosity by up to 90%
  • Drops oil out of water
  • Drops water out of oil
  • Removes Polyamides from pipe walls (resultant use of corrosion inhibitors)

Proven to be one of the cost-effective paraffin treatments available to the industry today. In addition to eliminating paraffin build-up around tubing and pumping components, monitoring of application will ensure further prevention of wax build-up for considerable time.

  • non flammable
  • cost effective
  • non toxic
  • non-hazardous
  • biodegradable
  • environmentally safe
  • ecologically sound