Bit Service

Our vision is to provide the best value-for-money, bit and bit / BHA optimization services, with the objective to improve operational efficiency while providing improved financial performance.

    Our goal is to be as a service provided known for:
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent service provision
  • Engineered solutions
  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent pricing
  • Quality delivery

Our service is divided into operational and project engineering services. The operational services are focused on Bit and BHA supervision at the field location. The engineering is an In-depth service on a project approach, combining optimization services, including field services and drilling engineering services.

    Operational Field services (day to day)
  • Bit & BHA optimization
  • Hydraulics optimization
  • In- field daily support/ supervision
  • Bit recording
  • Dull grading
  • Bit & BHA run evaluation and recommendations
    In-Depth Engineering (project based)
  • Risk & Reward time analyses
  • Engineered analysis of the complete drilling cycle
  • Engineered approach to major drilling concerns such a Pressure Management, Wellbore Integrity
  • A Project approach
    Our services are offered on the following basis:
  • Complete field service
  • Surface to TD well service
  • Per hole section
  • Purchase and or rental meterage

Our services are a complete drilling cycle analysis from planning, implementation, execution and evaluation including “Lessons Identified” and with “ best practices” provided a means to "Lessons Learned" the process utilized is key to our successful process. We use our visualization software to assist our clients to visualize our findings and recommendations.

Our pricing is flexible to allow the best solution for the customer:

  • per day
  • per meter
  • per section
  • per well
  • per piece of equipment
    Lump Sum (all inclusive):
  • Per section
  • Per well
  • Per field exploration and or through development
    Direct Purchase
  • Sales per item price
    Implementation of customer owned bits
  • Buy back, repair and usage